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Lead a GCL Program

Global Community Leadership (GCL) is one of five core programs sponsored by Youthlinc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based out of Salt Lake City Utah. The vision of GCL is to have integrated academic and community-engaged programs designed to create students who are thoughtful, competent, and engaged global citizens. 

GCL currently works with a variety of faculty from Utah State University, Utah Valley University, and Dancing Moose. In the summer of 2024, GCL will have nine programs traveling internationally. 

Interested in leading a program with GCL? Here are the ways we best support you in building a program:

What We Offer

Academic Integration

We collaborate with you to build the best program based on your pedagogical goals while also matching the program to one of our international partners. 

Logistical Planning

We do all of the international logistics, including service projects, lodging, meals, transportation, insurance, excursions & international flights. 

Recruitment Support

We help support you in your recruiting efforts throughout the year. 

International Partnerships

Youthlinc collaborates with organizations in over fourteen countries. Our mission is to create lifetime humanitarians through a partnership model. 

In-Country Support

When you travel with your team, GCL will have an employee with you to focus on the logistics and safety of the team so you can focus on the objectives of the program.

Financial Support

We provide sponsorship and fundraising resources to participants to decrease their program costs. 

Contact Us

If you would like to lead a future GCL program, please contact us at or call us at 801-467-4417

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