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Lead a Global Community Leadership Program

Global Community Leadership is one of five core programs at Youthlinc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based out of Salt Lake City Utah. 

The vision of GCL is to have integrated academic and community-engaged programs designed to create students who are thoughtful, competent, and engaged global citizens. 

Why work with Youthlinc's GCL Program?

Youthlinc's mission of creating lifetime humanitarians also serves as a foundational promise to have true partnerships with international communities, leaders, and organizations. The GCL Programs match your pedagogical goals with the best partner abroad. 

Our program provides the following support: 

  • Tailored Programs

  • Logistical Planning

  • Academic Integration

  • In-Country Support

  • International Partners

  • Emergency Planning

  • Flight Options

  • International Insurance

Interested in learning more about leading a GCL trip? Contact us at 

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